Campbell’s Pathway Program leads to students’ future success

Buies Creek—On Monday, Feb. 21, a group of students were fingerprinted, photographed for mug shots and taken to a mock trial as part of a Campbell Pathway event. The only crime they had committed was being interested in Criminal Justice as prospective or accepted Campbell students. The Pathway program is an unusual recruiting tool that introduces students to a field of study they are interested in through authentic learning experiences. For some, the experience is the deciding factor in choosing a major as well as a university.

“Either way, the students win,” said Renee Johnson, Admissions Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Most of the Campbell academic programs sponsor Pathway events—from the College of Arts and Sciences to the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. At the Criminal Justice event, 13 students and their families received a briefing about the law enforcement field from Harnett County Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Nelson-Matthews and Deputy Sheriff Trey Cox. After listening to Matthews and Cox, the students investigated a mock crime scene with Criminal Justice Professor Catherine Cowling. Later, they participated in a mock trial, working with current students to represent the defense, prosecution and jury. Finally, the students were fingerprinted and photographed as souvenirs of the experience.

 “Today was awesome!” said Sabrina Dean, mother of accepted student Matthew Dean who attended the Criminal Justice event. “It was the reinforcement that Matthew needed that he has made the right choice; it was very informative and interesting as we expected. We loved it.”

There are numerous Pathway programs, including Pathway to art, law, science, music, Spanish, math, Information Technology and Security, pharmacy, business, biology, and others.

“Depending on the event and time of year, prospective, accepted and/or deposited students are invited, based on their interests and major,” Johnson said. “Most of the time, our Pathway events serve to confirm the students’ decision to come to Campbell while giving them an in-depth look at the department they will be a part of.”

While the students may be unsure at first, it doesn’t take long for them to open up and enjoy being able to interact with the subject matter, Johnson added.

April Paszkiewicz, Admissions and Retention Coordinator for the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, said the school has been sponsoring Pathway events since Feb. 2010.

“Pathway to Business this past fall was our first two-day event,” Paszkiewicz said. “It included an introduction to the business school by Dean Ben Hawkins, dinner with mentors and faculty, a presentation of major business fields such as Trust, International Business and Healthcare Management and bowling at Buffaloe Lanes in Erwin.”

There are a number of new Campbell students whose decision to attend Campbell can be traced directly to these events, Paszkiewicz added. In February 2010, 26 students attended the business Pathway and 22 out of the 26 enrolled at Campbell in the fall to start classes.

“The students are excited to participate,” she said. “For many this event helps solidify their decision to join the Campbell family.”

According to Brenda Blackman, coordinator of the Pathway events for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, all of the potential students who have applied to the undergraduate pharmacy program at Campbell are invited to the events which are held twice a year in association with the undergraduate full tuition competitions.

“Historically, 25 percent of the scholarship participants are pre-pharmacy students,” said Blackman. “We have increased our deposited students significantly as a result of our Pathway events. The events highlight the nurture and mentoring each undergraduate pre-pharmacy student will receive as part of their Campbell experience.”

For more information about the Campbell University Pathway Program, contact through e-mail Renee Johnson, [email protected]/* */, or April Paskiewicz, [email protected]/* */.



Photo Copy: Nikky Gandhi poses for her mug shot at a recent Criminal Justice Pathway event.