Christian Studies alumni publish religious research

Several alumni of the Campbell University Department of Christian Studies have recently made significant contributions to religious scholarship.

  • Christopher C. Moore (’05) published Apostle of the Lost Cause: J. William Jones, Baptists, and the Development of Confederate Memory (2019). Moore is an instructor of history and religion at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, North Carolina. His new book investigates the Lost Cause ideology of the post-Civil War Confederate South through the life and preaching of Baptist minister, J. William Jones.
  • Stephen J. Hamilton (’04) published an academic monograph, “Born Again”: A Portrait and Analysis of the Doctrine of Regeneration within Evangelical Protestantism (2017). Hamilton teaches systematic theology at the University of Marburg, Germany, where he lives with his wife. The book offers a rigorous theological analysis of spiritual regeneration and conversation narratives, especially among Protestant evangelicals.
  • Ike Miller (’09) will release a new book in 2020 through InterVarsity Press titled, Seeing by the Light: Illumination in Augustine’s and Barth’s Readings of John. Miller is the pastor of Bright City Church in Durham, NC.

The Department of Christian Studies of the College of Arts & Sciences has a long track record of producing distinguished scholars. Adam C. English, chair of the department, takes pride in their accomplishments. “Our graduates go into many fields of work and ministry, but a number of them continue the research and writing they began at Campbell.” 

English is quick to point to other names to watch. Tripp Fuller ’04, host of The Homebrewed Christianity podcast and co-star of the film, The Road to Edmond, accepted a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship this fall at the University of Edinburgh. Victor Knight ’18 received the 2019 Graduate Fellowship Award from Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honor society. He is currently studying the Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School.

“I expect we will see Tripp and Victor and other Campbell graduates produce cutting-edge Christian scholarship in the near future.”