Conceptual Design Review presentations showcase innovative prototypes

Last week, the charter class of Engineering students — set to become the school’s first graduating class in May 2020 — presented their capstone coursework to a rapt audience in Maddox Hall. The coursework review, called the Conceptual Design Review or CoDR, completes the first semester of the Senior Design course in the School of Engineering.

Teams developed prototypes to serve a wide variety of functions in the engineering world, including a filtration system for a Pfizer’s runoff water and a serial number marking device for Caterpillar, Inc. Fabrications. 

Audience members pose questions at the end of each presentation.

This year’s eight student teams were formed based on common professional interests and sponsored by a company in the engineering industry. Each sponsor provided their team with a real-world problem in need of an innovative solution. They met with each team once or twice a week throughout the semester to provide support and check in with team progress. Sponsors also paid their team’s expenses in developing solutions. 

The Army Research Laboratory in Raleigh, NC, sponsored two teams with unique projects involving the animal kingdom. One team was tasked with creating a dog bite sleeve that would protect law enforcement animal trainers while still providing a realistic experience for canines, including a bleeding simulation. Another was asked to solve the problem of elephants venturing into unprotected wildlife zones in Africa by creating portable obstacles that would deter them from poaching zones. 

“We have a lot more testing to do with this prototype,” said Jacob Freeman of the dog bite sleeve team, “But we’ve made great strides by using a 3-D model of a dog’s skull and jaw and we’re going to continue experimenting over the next few months.”

Teams will continue their partnerships with sponsor companies through the end of spring semester. Find a full list of the teams and sponsors below. 

Team 1: Mertek Automation Demonstration 

Sean Curran

Jack Lemaster

William Poole

Samuel Thompson

Thomas Wells

Sponsor: Mertek Solutions Inc, Sanford, NC 


Team 2: Grifols Ebola IgA Facility 

Linsay Boshak

Fernando Clemente

Lydia Gutierrez

Anna Jones

Colleen Skeete

Sponsor: Grifols Inc, Clayton, NC 


Team 3: V-22 Pylon Conversion Actuator Model 

Charles Andrews

Jacob Ruesch

Matthew Schultz

Nelly Zavala

Sponsor: NAVAIR, MCAS Cherry Point, NC 


Team 4: T-64 Turbine Control Valves’ Test Fixtures 

Patrick Bradshaw

John Harold

Nestor Olguin-Vasquez

Joshua Romero

Ryan Weiss

Sponsor: NAVAIR, MCAS Cherry Point, NC 


Team 5: Caterpillar Serial Number Marking Device 

Matthew Coulter

Michael Farrand

Ondrej Labik

Kendell Mayo

Morgan Timiney

Sponsor: Caterpillar Inc. Fabrications, Sanford, NC 


Team 6: Dog Bite Sleeve 

Donald Bleyl

Jacob Freeman

Brandon Johnson

Taylor Rothe

William Strader

Sponsor:  Army Research Laboratory, Raleigh, NC 


Team 7: Elefence 

Anne Elise Bolton

D’Anna Dininny

Austyn May

Daniel Taylor

Michale Williams

Sponsor:  Army Research Laboratory, Raleigh, NC 


Team 8: DMSO Wastewater Treatment 

Morgan Hughes

Taylor Oakley

Rachael Plasters

Katherine Sentes

Sponsor: Pfizer Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant, Sanford, NC