CPHS hosts CVS Health and Walgreens for on-site interviews

Dustin Edge

Representatives with two major health care companies, CVS Health and Walgreens, were on campus on March 1 to conduct interviews with pharmacy students and pharmacy alumni.

“The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs is intentional in providing programming and opportunities, such as Interview Days, for our students to prepare them for their future as health care professionals,” said Dayna Harper, director of Student Affairs. “We are so appreciative of companies such as CVS Health and Walgreens for their continued partnership in ensuring that our students have personalized experiences with employers in the field.”

Campbell’s Career Services department was an integral part of the process. Yasmine Farley and her team used CUHired to schedule the interviews and also reviewed the students’ curriculum vitaes (CVs) prior to the interview sessions.

Dustin Edge (PharmD ’10), district leader with CVS Health, came back to campus to help with interviews.

“It is great to have former students participate in events like this,” said Alissa Loo, CPHS alumni coordinator. “We are thankful for their time and willingness to help fellow alumni and current students get a meaningful job in their chosen profession.”

Nineteen students and one alumni took advantage of the opportunity, including fourth year pharmacy student Nshan Muradyan who said, “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with both Walgreens and CVS representatives. CPHS did an amazing job setting up these interviews to help the graduating P4 class transition into the work force. These interviews provided a leg up for the start of our careers.”