CU Be Healthy!

The Campbell University Health Center provides acute and long term care not only to Campbell University students, but also to Campbell employees and the community surrounding Buies Creek.  Students and members of the community can utilize any of the health care services at the Health Center while choosing their primary physician or PA and being cared for by an experienced nursing staff. 
“Currently, the health center sees primarily Campbell University students with CU employees and community members comprising about 30% of our patients,” says Dr. Nicholas Pennings, director of the health center.
This month, Dr. Pennings is providing information to the CU community about one of several healthy lifestyle programs the Health Center is championing – “CU Lose Weight”.  On Wednesday, January 14th, Dr. Pennings will host a presentation “Turn Resolutions into Results” in Maddox Hall at 5:30 pm with details regarding this successful weight loss coaching program.  “The success of the program is directly connected to having a health practitioner as your support through the program,” says Dr. Pennings.  Each participant is under the guidance of a certified health coach – both nurse Amy Allen and Dr. Pennings.  The coaches guide participants through a structured meal plan.  “The program works not only due to the coaching, but also because it provides rapid results.”  Participants lose 2-5 pounds per week initially.  “The ultimate goal is to reach and maintain a healthy weight.  The simplicity of the program, along with the power of support, makes maintenance a reality for participants.”
The Health Center also offers  “CU Tobacco Free” – a coaching program for smoking and tobacco cessation.  Participants receive supportive coaching as well as regular evaluations by a health care provider.  Nicotine replacement is from the CU pharmacy located in the Health Center at no charge to program participants and available in all forms – patch, gum, or lozenges.  Prescription cessation medications are also available if recommended by your health care provider.
Smoking cessation coaching will be provided by current Campbell medical and pharmacy students.  The medical students have smoking cessation and motivational interviewing integrated into their curriculum.  Dr. Pennings believes exposure to these programs will help the future Campbell physicians in treating their patients.  “I want the students involved because it will give them firsthand experience with something they will encounter throughout their career.  Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death.  This program provides the students with first-hand experience helping people quit smoking and provides personalized support to the tobacco user making a lifestyle change.”
All of the practitioners have the skills and a common philosophy to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes for CU Health Center patients.  They are passionate about finding health and able to provide care in several sub-specialties of primary care.  Two examples are sports medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine (omm).
Dr. Andrew Martin is the Director of Sports Medicine for Campbell and is joined by Dr. Gina Miller, Campbell University Sports Medicine Fellow, in providing sports medicine services at the Health Center. Services utilized by patients seeking Sports Medicine care include cutting edge treatments such as Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound, Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, Prolotherapy, Dry Needle Acupuncture, and Biodynamic Analysis.  Dr. Martin and the Health Center staff also treat Concussion and Musculoskeletal Injuries related to muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. 
Osteopathic manipulative medicine is provided primarily by Dr. Motyka and Dr. Lisa Chun at the Health Center.  Osteopathic manipulative medicine is an application of the foundational principles of osteopathic medicine and is performed by fully licensed physicians.  “It helps to not only optimize health and well-being, but is also interventional and can be used across the full health and disease spectrum,” says Dr. Chun.   “Used primarily or in conjunction with other medical and surgical modalities, it can help the pediatric through geriatric populations and is most commonly used for musculoskeletal problems and pain”.
“We have an excellent staff at the Health Center who share the same philosophy of health.  We are here to provide acute care, but we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle at Campbell University and in our community which reflects the DO (doctor of osteopathy) approach,” says Pennings. “Attend the Turn Resolutions into Results presentation or make an appointment at the Health Center,” Dr. Pennings encourages.  “We want to CU be healthy!”

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