Divinity professor publishes article on teaching the minor prophets

What impact does recent research on the Old Testament Minor Prophets have on the way these texts are taught in the classroom? This question is the topic of an article by Dr. Barry Jones, associate dean and associate professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Campbell University Divinity School. Dr. Jones’ article, “The One and the Many: A Strategy for Teaching the Twelve Prophets,” was published in the fall 2009 volume of the journal Perspectives in Religious Studies.

“In the past twenty years, Old Testament scholars have given careful attention to the ancient form of the twelve Minor Prophets as a single biblical scroll known as the Book of the Twelve,” says Jones. “My article aims to offer suggestions for how the shape of the Minor Prophets as a literary and canonical collection can inform the way that teachers approach these books in a university or divinity school setting.”

The fall 2009 volume of Perspectives in Religious Studies addresses the theme of teaching the prophetic books of the Bible. Perspectives in Religious Studies is a journal published by the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion.

Photo Copy: Dr. Barry Jones