Elshazzly named Campbell Medicine Student DO of the Year

Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine announces Mohamed Elshazzly as its Student DO of the Year. Elshazzly is in his second year of the program.

A native of Queens, New York, Elshazzly chose to attend Campbell Med because of its commitment to serving the underserved. His embodiment of the school’s values led his peers and faculty to name him the 2016 Student DO.

In 2016, Elshazzly served as interim co-director of the Campbell University Community Care Clinic (CUCCC). He currently serves as the research director.

Overseen and counseled by faculty and a board of directors, the clinic is operated by Campbell Med students on Tuesday evenings.

As a student board member, Elshazzly assumes administrative responsibilities and often devotes 10-20 hours per month to clinic duties. As research director, he initiated research projects to improve patient education and secured additional healthcare resources for the clinic.

“It is truly impressive the way Mohamed has combined his heart for service with his scholarly ability to increase the impact of the clinic,” said Dr. Yen-Ping Kuo, assistant dean for curriculum and Campbell Med Student DO selection committee representative.

The faculty recognizes Elshazzly as an outstanding student, noting both his academic success and his genuine scientific curiosity. He demonstrates excellent skills and a commitment to assist others. He repeatedly helps his peers by spearheading mock practical exams in anatomy and osteopathic manipulation medicine.

Elshazzly serves as president of the Campbell Med Surgery Club – Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA).

“He is very active in his role as the president of this highly popular club,” said Dr. Andrea Mann, chair of Pediatrics and Campbell Med Student DO selection committee representative. “He continues to shape the vision and the function of this organization; under his leadership, SOSA has become one of the most active Campbell Med student organizations, providing seminars, conferences, and practical skill opportunities.”

Elshazzly’s leadership roles are exemplary of his heart for service, and his peers selected him to represent them because of his compassion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the professor. He is a trusted colleague, who reaches out to provide guidance and comfort to his fellow students. He highly regarded for his selfless service as stated in the endorsements by his fellow medical students and faculty:

“..[Mohamed has an] altruistic commitment to the community, illustrated by his work in the free clinic and [his] medical mission effort is unmatched. Anyone who knows Mohamed is familiar with his genuine compassion for helping others, commitment to academic success and leadership within this community. He does not just embody the DO philosophy, but exemplifies it …”

“Mohamed is the ideal candidate for this honor as he embodies the osteopathic and holistic principles of mind, body, and spirit…… [What] sets him apart from many of his classmates is his rock-solid moral center, sensible and dependable nature, and level-headed temperament– …. He leads by his example, whether by tutoring his classmates who may be struggling academically or by being genuinely concerned about the health care of his fellow brothers and sisters in humanity who are in need in the community. In whatever he does, I have witnessed a selfless and giving nature that gives and gives of himself, even if be nothing more than a warm, gentle smile. He is humble enough to recognize his limitations, but also impassioned to absorb medical knowledge in the classroom so that he may immediately apply it in service to others. He is constantly service-minded, a quality that far surpasses any academic merit one may achieve through their medical training…..”

“As a fellow Campbell Med student, Mohamed Elshazzly has always made me feel welcome. I first met him as a post-bac masters student. He always went out of his way to make sure I felt comfortable with the pace and material. Now as a first-year student, the help and friendship have only blossomed. I look forward to learning from him even more in the student clinic, as I gain more medical experience. I believe Mohamed Elshazzly is an ideal embodiment of what it means to be a Campbell Med student and feel there is no better candidate than him to be Student DO of the Year.”

“… Outside of Campbell Medicine, he has volunteered his time during his breaks to serve the farm workers in the greater community under the mentorship of Dr. Joseph Cacioppo…He is constantly service-minded, a quality that far surpasses any academic merit one may achieve through their medical training.”

“I can say with all my heart that there is no one else more deserving of this award.”