Engineering professor collaborates on National Science Foundation grant

School of Engineering Assistant Professor Jacqueline Gartner collaborated on an National Science Foundation grant awarded to Washington State University, Dean Jenna Carpenter announced this week.

The NSF-funded project will work toward more experiential, effective and engaging hands-on learning environments, according to Gartner, who completed her PhD in chemical engineering from Washington State in 2017. Campbell University is one of five hubs for the project and will host a workshop in the summer of 2020.

The project will implement a multi-regional hub-based approach to introduce light-weight, portable, low-cost desktop learning module equipment that will allow students to better understand the fundamentals of momentum. It will also examine how students learn and will take into account demographic factors associated with hands-on learning. 

“Campbell Engineering is delighted that Dr. Gartner is collaborating on this innovative NSF-funded project to bring more hands-on instruction to core engineering courses,” Carpenter said. “We look forward to using the materials developed as part of this project in our own courses, as well as hosting workshops for other engineering faculty from around the country who are interested in adopting these materials.”

As part of her PhD research, Gartner helped commercialize miniaturized hands-on units for classroom use and was the primary editor on the undergraduate text that accompanies the fluid mechanics and heat transfer units. She has 10 conference and journal publications, including articles in the International Journal of Engineering Education and the Journal of STEM Education.

Gartner received an MBA at Anderson University while working at the utility for the city of Indianapolis in the water treatment lab. She has degrees in both chemistry and math-economics also from Anderson University and as an undergraduate, she did an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at the University of Oregon and interned at Dow AgroSciences.