Entrepreneurship class speaks to 350 local middle school students

Tuesday, 350 students from Harnett Central Middle School gathered in their auditorium to hear Campbell faculty and staff discuss “Leading with Purpose” and entrepreneurial thinking.

“We love to get off campus and share the ‘Leading with Purpose’ message. When undergraduate students have an opportunity to speak in front of a crowd about Leading with Purpose, they personally progress in their own purpose process,” commented Scott Kelly, Director of Entrepreneurship at Campbell.

“This helped prepare me for a future where I may need to speak at large events. I loved the energy and curiosity of 6th graders. As we were leaving, a little girl wanted a hug and it made my heart melt. Another little girl wanted to shake my hand and it made me smile. I was happy to share how to lead with purpose,” said Cailyn Culbreth, a sophomore majoring in Management from Dunn, NC.

“These students don’t need to wait until they’re adults to lead with purpose; they can start today. Many students identified with the qualities Campbell University believes exemplify purposeful leaders, such as helping those in need, staying true to yourself, and taking others under your wing. One sixth grader even shared how she had already started her own clothing business,” said Jessie Norberg, a Junior who is double majoring in Economics and Business Management from Cambridge, Minnesota.