Episode 12 | Dr. Adam English


Guest: Dr. Adam English, chair of Christian Studies and professor of Christian theology and philosophy

Hosts: Leah Jarvis and Rod Hipwell

Produced by: Leah Jarvis, Billy Liggett and Sarah Hardin

Music: Oort Patrol, Johnny Mathis and My Quiet Year

Rhymes With Orange is a product of the Office of Communications and Marketing at Campbell University.

Topics: Host Leah Jarvis and guest host Rod Hipwell converse with Christian Studies professor and resident Christmas expert Dr. Adam English about his research into Saint Nicholas of Myra and how he landed a gig teaching an honors class focused on Santa Claus. Rod shares some of his favorite Christmas traditions and Leah shares a story about her dad spotting reindeer in the sky.

Dr. English’s books The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus and Christmas: Theological Anticipations can be found at Campbell University’s library or in the church history section of major book retailers. 

Recorded Dec. 4, 2017, using space and equipment provided by the College of Arts & Sciences Communication Studies program (broadcasting department) and professor Brian Bowman. Special thanks to guest host Rod Hipwell for providing outro music for this episode.