Evolution vs. Creation debate comes to Campbell’s SGA lecture series

BUIES CREEK – A renown author of human origins was the keynote speaker at the Student Government Association’s lecture series Tuesday night in Turner Auditorium.

Dr. Denis Lamoureaux, an Associate Professor of Science and Religion at St. Joseph’s College in the University of Alberta, spoke on the theories of evolution and creationism at SGA’s annual event.

Lamoureux holds three doctoral degrees in dentistry, theology and biology; is a member of the executive council of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation; is a Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation and has been cited in the Who’s Who of Theology and Science.

“I believe that the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God,” said Lamoureux, who has written “Evolutionary Creation” and “I Love Jesus and I Accept Evolution.” “I am an unapologetic evolutionist; I have yet to see any evidence to falsify it.”

Lamoureux presented a plethora of viewpoints on the debate, but his overall message was simple: Don’t let the debate be divisive; learn to live with people of different views.

“I think we need to do that for the sake of the body of Christ,” he said. “We should move beyond this evolution and creation debate because it is a false dichotomy; it limits the number of choices that you have.”

The lecture concluded with a panel of Lamoureux and three Campbell professors – Dr. Adam English from the Department of Religion, biology professor Dr. John Bartlett  Biology and chemistry professor Dr. Michael Wells. Students from the audience had the opportunity to ask the panel questions as well.

Lamoureux challenged everyone who is involved in the debate of evolution and creation to heed the words of Sir Francis Bacon:

“Let no man or woman, out of conceit or laziness, think or believe that anyone can search too far or be too well informed in the Book of God’s Words or the Book of God’s Works: Religion or science. Instead, let everyone endlessly improve their understanding of both.”


By Jonathan Bridges, Campbell University Communications intern

Photo: (From left to right) Campbell professor Dr. Ann Ortiz, professor Dr. Adam English and featured speaker Dr. Denis Lamoureux