Five internal research grants funded for CPHS faculty, students

The College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS) recently awarded funds to five internal research projects. All of the proposed research projects were of significant value. Former CPHS dean and current University provost Michael L. Adams (’96 PharmD, PhD) expressed his congratulations by saying, “We highly value your research-oriented mind, time, and effort as all of those who participate in this process contribute to making a stronger research atmosphere.”

The Internal Research Grant (IRG) applications that were selected will each receive approximately $5,000. The two Student Engagement in Research (SER) applications that were chosen will receive $6,000 each. The grants could start as early as this summer and will last one year.

CPHS Internal Research Grant Recipients

IRG Applications that were funded:

Principal Investigator: Emily Bailey (Public Health)
Project Title: A One Health Examination of Backyard Chicken Operations

Principal Investigator: Krisztian Toth with Steve Holly (PCS department)
Project Title: The Role of the Ghrelin Receptor in the Regulation of Hemostasis

Principal Investigator: Emily Ghassemi (Pharmacy Practice) withScott Perkins, Carrie Baker, Riley Bowers, Katie Trotta, Beth Mills, Myrah Stockdale
Project Title: Development and Calibration of Adaptive OSCEs in PharmD Education

CPHS Students Engaged in Research (SER)

SER grant Applications that were funded:

Principal Investigator: Carrie Baker (Pharmacy Practice) withRiley Bowers, Katie Trotta, Scott Perkins, Emily Ghassemi, Beth Mills, Myrah Stockdale
Project Title: Implementation and Scaling of Adaptive OSCEs Across Pharmacy Curriculum

 Principal Investigator: Karlyn Green (Physical Therapy)
Project Title: Assessing Cardiac Risk Prior to Aerobic Exercise: A Scoping Review