Flinchum family named Campbell’s Family of the Year

Buies Creek, N.C.—Evin and Elli were adopted from China, Lauren Dixon became a member of the family after the loss of her mother, Morgan and Colby were natural born children, but all are Flinchums—part of a diverse group their mother refers to as “fitted together by love.” The Flinchums were named Family of the Year at Campbell University’s 2010 Family Weekend, Sept. 24-26.

“Parenting five kids with different personalities and interests has it challenges,” said mother Celie. “However, the importance of education is emphasized with equal strength to each of our children.”

Lauren Dixon is a junior at Campbell University majoring in Pharmaceutical Communications. Colby Flinchum, a Campbell sophomore, is a North Carolina Teaching Fellow and education major. Morgan Flinchum is a senior accounting major at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. And Evin and Elli are in the fifth and first grades respectively.

As parents, Tony and Celie Flinchum always felt education should come first, but they also feel strongly about involvement in extracurricular activities. Morgan is a member of the Sigma, Sigma, Sigma Sorority and a Spirit Committee leader for the Association of UNCW campus entertainment and Lauren and Colby are members of the Campbell University cheerleading squad.

“We’re proud to say that the pieces of the Flinchum family puzzle are unique,” said Celie. “We value one another, and know that if even one part of one piece is missing, our family’s puzzle is not complete.”

Given by the Office of Student Life, the Family of the Year Award honors one special family whose contribution to the education of their student (s) has been extraordinary. To participate in the contest, students must write an essay explaining why their family is a great Campbell University family. The essays are judged on several criteria, including evidence of the family’s support for student success, enthusiasm for Campbell University, creativity and grammar. The student whose essay is chosen receives a book scholarship for the spring semester, tickets to all athletic events during Family Weekend, recognition at the football game, a feature on the Campbell web site and the winning family participates in the Homecoming Parade as honored guests on Oct. 30.


Photo Copy: The Flinchum family was named Campbell University’s Family of the Year on Saturday, Sept. 25. First row, from left, Elli and Evin Flinchum. 2nd row, from left, Colby Flinchum, Morgan Flinchum, Celie Flinchum, Lauren Dixon and Tony Flinchum.