Free Clinic Receives Grant from the Cameron Charitable Trust

BUIES CREEK – The Campbell Community Care Clinic received an award of over $6,000.00 this week from The Cameron Charitable Trust.  The trust was established by Edward Alexander Cameron in 1982 to benefit underprivileged persons and persons in poor health primarily in the Triangle region of North Carolina.
The Cameron grant is the second awarded from a foundation to the student run free clinic project at Campbell University this academic year.  The clinic received support from the Baggett Wellness Institute as well as individual private donors earlier this year.
“We applied for these two grants so we would have the funds to lay down the foundation of this clinic,” shared 2nd year medical student and founding clinic team member, Daniel Moses.  “Both of these grants will assist with start-up costs including medications, supplies, training materials, and for generating awareness of the clinic in our community.”
“We chose to apply for this grant because its mission is specific to the mission of our clinic,” said Jordan Hitchens, 2nd year medical student and co-writer of the grant application. 
The mission of the clinic is to deliver high-quality, compassionate health care to the medically underserved communities of Harnett County through an inter-professional cooperative effort by providing an environment for medically underserved and uninsured patients to receive empathetic and holistic medical care. For these patients, the clinic provides access to preventative medical care, patient education, and health literacy.
“It is good to have the Cameron Trust’s support as we work to provide quality healthcare and fill the gap for the uninsured in our community and provide an alternative to the local ER for primary care needs,” shared Hitchens.  “The Campbell Clinic embodies the mind, body, spirit approach to healthcare – the clinic is here for the primary care needs of the uninsured including issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes control, and smoking cessation.”
“Our clinic’s interprofessional approach is unique among DO schools,” Hitchens further explained.  The Campbell Community Care Clinic is staffed by student and faculty volunteers from not only the medical school, but also the Physician Assistant program and Doctor of Pharmacy at Campbell.
“Fortunately, we have a great vision and a great team to put it in place for next year, and hopefully many years to come,” said Moses.  “ With the receipt of the Cameron grant, we can really establish a long term foundation upon which to build the clinic and many of the materials purchased will help provide healthcare well into next year.”
“We are proud of how far we have come, said Hitchens.  “From an idea during the inaugural year of the medical school to reality just a little more than a year later.”
The Campbell Community Care Clinic is open to uninsured patients every Tuesday evening 5pm to 8pm at the Campbell University Health Center located at 129 TT Lanier Street in Buies Creek, North Carolina.