Graphic designers’ work showcased in Fine Arts building through October

A total of 140 works of art created by 32 Campbell University students from the Fine Arts department’s design and typography courses will be on display in the all of Taylor Bott Rogers until October. 

Creations from these 15 the following projects are exhibited:

  • Aphorisms: The Quotes of Influential Historical Figures
  • Application of Patterns on Fabrics
  • Application of Typography on Emergency Vehicles
  • Book Illustration Using Only Letters (Autobiographies of Inventors Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin)
  • Frottage, Grattage and Mark Making
  • Humorous Traffic Signs
  • Instructional Graphics
  • Music Album: CD, Single Vinyl Record & Ticket 
  • New Year’s Greeting Card
  • Personal Branding
  • Surrealist Photomontage
  • Playing Cards
  • Series of Four Postage Stamps and Four Commemorative Envelopes
  • Visualization of Sound 
  • The Grid 
Students included in the art show include: Ansleigh Adams, Arianna Aguila, Meredith Ashburn, Jayden Buckley, Jayden Carlile, Skylynn Carlile, Abigail Caron, Hannah Carroll, Tai-Reece Chisholm, Brooklyn Collins, Jordan Cook, Jessica Couts, Abigail Ellington, Monchovia Gaffney, Jakson Hennessey, Dallas Hohney, Payton Jackson, Dara Kelly, Leslie Lambur, Noah Lucas, Ruth Orozco Cisneros, Simon Osbourne, Ananda Patterson, Litzy Patterson, Jamari Cannady Pratt, Shahzaib Rehman, Joshua Sledge, Karly Smith, Samantha Terrio, Lauren Tew, Breonna Tolson-Tucker and Ivy White.