High school students take a break from summer break to learn about health sciences

Campbell University 2016 Winter Commencement

Summertime isn’t downtime for 24 local high school students attending Campbell University’s Careers Associated with Medicine and Pharmacy (CAMP) program this week. Students arrived bright and early this morning to learn about science and health care.


“My mom found this program, and at first I wasn’t excited because it was during my summer break, but it’s been fun so far and I am really glad I came,” said Nathan Norris, a rising high school sophomore from Rocky Mount who is interested in becoming a pharmacist.


The five-day program is held annually through Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences’ Science Education Outreach program, with the goal of getting local students interested in going to college to study health sciences. The sessions are taught by Campbell professors and there’s typically a hands-on activity involved.


Abhi Pyreddy, who will be a junior this fall in Raleigh, isn’t sure what he wants to do once he graduates from high school, “I’m really interested in science and hope to do something related to medicine. It was fun to work with the pipettes this morning in the lab.”


This week students will explore health science careers offered at Campbell University in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical research, physician assistant practice, osteopathic medicine, public health and exercise science.


And thankfully, there is still plenty of time for a break this summer. Pyreddy plans on playing a lot of soccer and basketball, and volunteering at Duke Hospital. Norris looks forward to playing and coaching tennis, and spending a little bit of time with his Xbox.



Photo: Local high school students learn how to use micro-pipettes in a lab during CAMP at Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.


Billy Liggett Director of Publications

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