Largest IPE Health Sciences Research Symposium on record

PA students with Dr. Creed

Students, residents and faculty members representing the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and the School of Osteopathic Medicine presented 100 posters at the recent 9th Annual IPE Health Sciences Research Symposium. That makes the April 10 event the largest to date.

Organized by the Interprofessional Education Steering Committee and its IPE Research Sub-committee, the event showcased a variety of research from across the health sciences spectrum. Dr. Melissa Holland, chair of the IPE Research Sub-committee, acknowledged the immense amount of time and effort put into each poster presentation and thanked all the participants. “We had a fantastic response from students who wanted to share their research and be part of the interprofessional event. Faculty and staff also aided in the research, event planning, and judging. It was truly a collaborative effort. Congratulations to all the winners!”

The event included a keynote address from Fred Wells Brason II, founding president/CEO of Project Lazarus, a community-based model for preventing overdose, presenting responsible pain management, and promoting substance use treatment and support services. He shared about the work of Project Lazarus and how rural communities have demonstrated substantial positive outcomes because of their work. The title of his presentation was Project Lazarus: Local Solutions to National Opioid Crisis; What Needs to be Known

Dr. Paige D. Brown, assistant dean of Interprofessional Education, summed up the event. “The Office of Interprofessional Education is grateful to all of those who contributed to the outstanding success of the symposium. We are especially grateful to Campbell University President Dr. Creed for visiting the event to learn firsthand about all of the research that was presented as well as for offering his greetings and the invocation. The symposium is a unique event providing our health sciences students, residents, and faculty the venue at which to present their excellent research. With a record number of posters this year, I am excited to see what lies ahead for future symposiums.”

Laura Gerstner Reviewing poster Dr. Creed reviews poster


Dr. Dustin Wilson and student with poster
Student Best Poster Winners


Biomedical/Basic Science

Vascular Effects of Intermediates of Heme Biosynthetic Pathway

Pratibha Chaudhari

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Victor Pulgar

Co-Authors: Dr. Makiko Yasuda, Dr. Herbert Bonvosky, Dr. Victor Pulgar

Degree Program: Pharmaceutical Sciences


Clinical Case Studies


Understanding Multiple Myeloma: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Zachary Brooks

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mayank Singhal

Co-Authors: Scott Stockholm

Degree Program: Osteopathic Medicine


Clinical Research


An Investigation of the Association Between Risky Behaviors and Alcohol Consumption in Pregnant Females

Kaylee Moore

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charles Carter

Co-Authors: Megan Taylor

Degree Program: Dual PharmD/MSCR




Predictability of Type 2 Diabetes Using Fasting Plasma Glucose and Fasting Insulin

Cody Brown

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nicholas Pennings

Co-Authors: Emily Langston

Degree Program: Osteopathic Medicine


Resident Best Poster Winners


Clinical Case Studies

Listeria Meningitis: Is it effective to complete therapy with oral rather than IV antibiotic?

Sanad Alshareef (Resident)

Faculty Advisor: Mayank Singhal

Degree Program: Osteopathic Medicine


Clinical Research

 Impact of a Pharmacist-led COPD Clinic on Patient Outcomes in a Rural Healthcare Clinic

Sarah Russell (Resident)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Beth Mills

Co-Authors: Dr. Steven Johnson

Degree Program: Pharmacy


Impact of pharmacist utilization in the hospital discharge medication reconciliation process: a prospective quality improvement study

Andrew Darkow (Resident)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. April Cooper

Co-Authors: Dr. Catherine Wente, Dr. Ramonna Cvelich, Michael Willis, Dr. Julie Thompson, Dr. Aparna Kamath

Degree Program: Pharmacy



The following posters were recognized for IPE collaboration based on the involvement of multiple programs and/or health professions (not necessarily CU programs).

IPE Collaboration Recognition


Clinical Research-Residents


US Ambulatory Prescribing Patterns of Menopausal Hormonal Therapy Following the Women’s Health Initiative (2006-2016)

Presenter: Dr. Abigail Case (Resident)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melissa Holland

Co-Authors: Dr. Amber McLendon, Dr. Michael Jiroutek, Dr. Dustin Wilson, Dr. Stephen Fuller

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy & Clinical Research


Impact of pharmacist utilization in the hospital discharge medication reconciliation process: a prospective quality improvement study

Presenter: Dr. Andrew Darkow (Resident)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. April Cooper

Co-Authors: Dr. Catherine Wente, Dr. Ramonna Cvelich, Michael Willis, Dr. Julie Thompson, Dr. Aparna Kamath

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy & Medicine


Biomedical/Basic Science-Students


The Seizure-Inducing Activity of Various Classes of Cannabinoids

Morgan Gravley

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher Breivogel

Co-Authors: Nshan Muradyan

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences


Clinical Research-Students


Implementation of an interprofessional approach to minimize the usage of inappropriate broad-spectrum gram-positive antimicrobials in respiratory infections in patients covered by adult medicine rounding teams

Katherine Adams

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Riley Bowers

Co-Authors: Katie Lachman, Savannah Knepper, Emily Highsmith, Serina Tart, Nicolas Biondi, Michael Samiratedu

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy, Clinical Research & Medicine


The impact of interprofessional monitoring and education on the usage of glucocorticoids in acute exacerbations of COPD

Kerri McGrady

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Riley Bowers

Co-Authors: Emily Highsmith, Thomas Cameron, Nicholas Biondi, Michael Samiratedu, Adam Rosenblum, Savannah Knepper

Professions/Programs:  Pharmacy & Medicine


Risk Factors for Sepsis Diagnosis in a Rural Inpatient Population: A Case-Control Study

Ikenna Okafor

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dorothea Thompson

Co-Authors: Sarah Chandler, Dr. Peter Ahiawodzi, Dr. Kimberly Kelly

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Public Health




Utilization of Pharmacists in Physician Assistant Curricula in the United States

Carrie Baker

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dustin Wilson

Co-Authors: Jennifer Adema, John Conyers, Morgan Treece, Peter Fenn

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy & Physician Assistant


Utilization of Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice

Isabel Alcala-Maddox

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brianne Raccor

Co-Authors: Tristyn Cartrette, Amber K. Hill, Chantley Thomas, Dr. Pius Fasinu, Dr. Antoine Al-Achi, Dr. Dorothea K. Thompson

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences


Occurrence of Cutaneous Adverse Reactions to Sulfonamides in Cats and Dogs

Savanna Scott

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brianne Raccor

Co-Authors: Stephanie Karvosky, Allison Lewis, Dr. Pius Fasinu

Professions/Programs: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences




Validation of a Survey Instrument to Assess Utilization of Pharmacogenomics

Dr. Brianne Raccor (Faculty)

Co-Authors: Antoine Al-Achi, Isabel Alcala-Maddox, Tristyn Cartrette, Amber K. Hill, Chantley Thomas, Dr. Pius Fasinu, Dr. Dorothea K. Thompson

Degree Program: Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmacy


We would also like to recognize our faculty who served as our poster evaluators at last evening’s symposium:

Biomedical/Basic Science

Bonnie Brenseke, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Chair and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Pathology

Osteopathic Medicine


Rob Hilgers, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Clinical Case Studies

Stephen Fuller, PharmD, BCACP, CPP

Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Professor

Pharmacy Practice


Emily Ghassemi, PharmD, BCACP, CCP

Clinical Assistant Professor

Pharmacy Practice


Clinical Research

Richard Drew, PharmD, RPh, MS

Vice-Chair of Research and Scholarship and Professor

Pharmacy Practice


Matthew Peterson, PhD, FGSA

Associate Professor

Clinical Research


Mayank Singhal, MD

Academic Hospitalist

Cape Fear Valley Hospital

Assistant Professor

Osteopathic Medicine



Byron May, PharmD, BCPS

Chair and Professor

Pharmacy Practice


Sarah Wade, MLS, AHIP

Assistant Medical Librarian

Osteopathic Medicine