Law school sending two teams to ABA Negotiation Competition

Photo of Second-year law students Kevin Littlejohn, Brooke Webber, Chamberlain Collier and Justin Hill compete in the 2018 ABA Regional Negotiation Competition at Elon Law School in Greensboro on Nov. 10-11, 2018.

RALEIGH – Campbell Law Dean J. Rich Leonard announced today two teams of Campbell Law student advocates will compete in the American Bar Association (ABA)’s Negotiation Competition on Nov. 9-10 at Elon Law School  in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“An anonymous donor has financially paved the way for our student advocates,” said Campbell Law Dean J. Rich Leonard. “Their gift provides the opportunity for our students to learn, get competitive experience, and show the rest of the country how our first-class advocacy program is molding the future leading attorneys of tomorrow. We are in debt to them for their generosity.”

Both teams are coached by Andrew R. Shores, a 2013 Campbell Law graduate and associate attorney at Williams Mullen. Second-year law students Justin Hill and Kevin Littlejohn form one team, while Brooke Webber and Chamberlain Collier form another team.

Photo of one of the student competitors staring intently at a document.

The ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition is designed to promote interest among law students in legal negotiation, while providing forum to improve negotiating skills through simulations of a series of legal problems. The simulations include a common set of facts for all students to work from as well as confidential information known only to the students representing a particular side of the negotiation. As students advance in the competition, the negotiation situation varies at each round, meaning no two negotiations are the same. Students must negotiate under time constraints and in an area of law in which they may not be familiar. The competition promotes development of the student’s communication skills and ability to quickly assess the needs and interests of their client and adversary.