Lunsford to address ‘destructive leadership’ at ILA Conference in Vancouver

Dr. Laura Lunsford, a national authority on leadership and mentorship, will deliver an address on “destructive leadership” at the International Leadership Association conference in Vancouver, Canada, on Oct. 13. 

Lunsford’s talk will focus on the crucial topic of destructive leadership and its profound implications for organizations and society. With a career spanning over two decades, Lunsford — the assistant dean of psychology and social work at Campbell University — has made significant contributions to the field of leadership development and is widely recognized for her research and insights into the impact of leadership styles on individuals, team, and organizations. 

Her acclaimed work on destructive leadership has shed light on the detrimental effects of toxic leadership behaviors and the urgent need for constructive alternatives.

Lunsford’s presentation will explore toxic leadership behaviors and the consequences of unethical leadership practices. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics and warning signs of destructive leadership and the strategies to mitigate its negative impact.

The ILA conference is an annual gathering of leadership from around the world. It provides a platform for thought leaders to share their expertise and engage in meaningful discussions on pressing leadership issues.

“The opportunity to share my research and engage with thought leaders at the world’s best academic forum on leadership is exciting,” said Lunsford, whose work is supported by Campbell University through the Faculty Development Grant.  

The International Leadership Association is a global network that promotes a deeper understanding of leadership, advances leadership knowledge and practice, and connects people with a shared passion for leadership. The ILA hosts conferences, publishes journals and provides a platform for collaborative leadership research and development.