Mass Communication student studies film in Los Angles

LOS ANGELES-Luke Custer, student by day. Film maven by night. This mass communication major from Campbell University is the first student in the department’s history to study at the Los Angles Film Studies Center, a program sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and University. Custer is spending the spring semester in California as part of his Campbell program. “I work at Thunder Road Pictures at Warner Brothers Studios,” Custer said. “Thunder Road Pictures has produced films like ‘K-19,’ ‘Firewall’ and we are in production for a football film tentatively titled ‘We Are . . . Marshall.'” An actor, Custer has profited from his exposure to the West Coast but he resisted the urge to audition for a part. “I haven’t had time to audition,” Custer said, adding that he is busy with his internship and taking a full class load in communication courses. “Even if I did get cast in something, I couldn’t accept the role,” Custer said, adding that LAFSC prohibits extra work. LAFSC is designed to integrate a Christian world view with an introductory exploration of the work and workings of mainstream Hollywood entertainment. In addition to classes, Custer is honing his writing skills. “The most fun I had this semester was going to a Writer’s Guild of America panel discussion with all the screenwriters that were nominated for Oscars this year,” he said. “I heard writers such as Stephen Gaghan, Diana Ossana, Judd Apatow and Paul Haggis, the writer who won for best original screenplay. It was just great being able to hear these brilliant writers talk about their work, which they do so well.” Luke is one of about 130 students studying mass communication at Campbell. “Luke Custer is an entrepreneur,” said Dr. Michael Ray Smith, chair of the Department of Mass Communication. “He and his brother own their own theater company, a remarkable feat in itself, but Luke is the kind of man who will make a dynamic difference in life.” Custer will return to his home in North Carolina in late April. LFSC is one of the study programs of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, an international higher education association of Christian colleges and universities. Founded in 1976 with 38 members, the Council has grown to 105 members in North America and 74 affiliate institutions in 25 countries.Photo Copy: Campbell University student Luke Custer.

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