MBA students earn BB&T Leadership Certification

More than ever before, self-awareness and awareness of others are crucial in successful leadership and business. This year, more than 30 Campbell MBA students had the opportunity to explore their values, communication style and leadership style – and how they relate to and lead others – through the BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification Program. The integration of this program into the MBA Orientation allows students the opportunity to know themselves and their potential from day one. In addition, it gives them tools to better lead and serve others.

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to share with Campbell students the skills and assessments in the curriculum prepared by BB&T’s Leadership Institute. What a great opportunity for these students to have the tools they need to be strong leaders,” said Director of Leadership & Student Success Renee Green, who served as facilitator. “More than that, though, I love the focus on self-awareness, personal values, and communication strengths & opportunities.” 

Through the BB&T Emerging Leaders Program, each of the incoming MBA candidates earn certification that helps them stand out amongst MBA graduates from other institutions.

“We purposefully place this assessment and BB&T leadership program at the very front of our MBA program so our students can reflect on their goals and developmental needs prior to beginning the program,” said Director of the MBA Program Somer Johnson. “We do not see our MBA program as a collection of courses but, rather, as an opportunity to seize personal goals through leadership.  We embrace the charge of Campbell University to ‘lead with purpose.’ Understanding yourself and learning how to lead can become catalyst for meaningful careers and lives.”

 The BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification (ELC) program is a highly interactive certification program for college and university students, which focuses on self-awareness to lead others more effectively. Students learn about the beliefs driving their leadership behaviors – both positive and negative – and develop a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses. The curriculum also highlights the relationships between beliefs, motivation, behaviors and results. After completing the program, students are equipped with practical tools and strategies to overcome leadership shortcomings discovered during the sessions and become a more effective leader.

Established in 2014, the program is for undergraduate and graduate students within BB&T’s 15-state retail footprint and teaches some of the same unique leadership development methods developed at The BB&T Leadership Institute (BBTLI) for BB&T associates, corporate executives and business owners. It is offered at no cost to the school or student. Since its inception, 71 college and university partners have certified nearly 10,000 students in the program.