Media Story: Program Gives Insight Into Health Professions

Campbell University 2016 Winter Commencement

The Daily Record newspaper in Dunn, NC published an article about our HPREP program highlighting the interprofessionalism and community service aspects. Reporter Rick Curl visited twice to talk with students and take photos. The full story is below along with a link to the story on the newpaper's website.


Program Gives Insight Into Health Professions

May 30, 2017


Of The Record Staff


Campbell University gave some deserving students from across the country an opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a health professional.


The Health Professions Readiness and Enrichment Program (HPREP) offers participants a hands-on, as well as an academic experience, in order to find out if the medical field is in their future.


“The program targets first-generation college prospects, financially disadvantaged, under represented minority students and students with an interest in practicing in rural areas,” said Meredith Blalock, Campbell University director of communications and marketing, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. “We found health care professionals tend to practice within a 50-mile radius of where they’re trained. So, we’re hoping to keep a lot of our students in the area to help here locally.”


Assistant Director of Student Affairs Dana Harper said HPREP focuses on more than just making sure students are qualified and ready for the next step in their education.


“The mission of HPREP is not just about developing and leading the participants we have here, but making sure they are developing and leading the community they serve,” she said. “We’re reaching over 38 universities in the program from across the nation and Puerto Rico. I’m really excited about the work we’re doing here and the work they’re going to do in the future.”


The program is four days in length and offers plenty of new experiences. The participants were able to do such things as examine a patient in an emergency room setting, learn the fundamental basics of ultrasounds and even explore physical therapy techniques. Those were just a few of the opportunities participants had the opportunity to experience.


“I’ve been able to meet with staff and faculty of (the) physical therapy (school) and a lot of other interdisciplinary options,” said Godwin resident and HPREP participant Carter Sealey. “I had the chance to see how pharmacy, the osteopathic medicine school and the physician assistant school, how they truly interact. It’s truly been eye-opening.”


Included among the participants was Dunn resident and North Carolina State undergraduate student Syhana Gainey.


Ms. Gainey is hoping to become a physician in either osteopathic medicine or medical doctor school.


“It’s been very helpful, especially with all of us wanting to go into health professions,” Ms. Gainey said. “I think it’s information everyone should know and they’re very generous and very helpful, so I’ve enjoyed it.”


Ms. Gainey said the program offered an opportunity to see things in the healthcare field, from a totally different perspective.


“I didn’t expect for it to be as informative,” she said. “I didn’t expect for them to give tours of everything like the labs and the actual hands-on experience. I’m glad that they did.”


Over the four days of the program, participants explored clinical research, osteopathic medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy and physical therapy professions.


“It’s a great opportunity for them to come and learn together,” Mrs. Blalock said. “It’s interdisciplinary so there’s six or seven different programs represented and students who are interested in those programs.”


Activities weren’t limited to just the participants. Students already enrolled in health science courses at the Buies Creek school also helped out.


Physical therapy students held a competition amongst themselves to raise donations for the program’s service project — filling bags of food for the Harnett County Buddy Backpack Program.


“It’s great, this is maybe about the eighth or ninth time we’ve been working with Campbell University,” Buddy Backpack Coordinator Bob Doberstein said. “These children are helping us in every way they can. Also, it gives them a thought of how to be adult as they grow older and get in a giving program.”


Students enrolled in the pharmacy program raised more than $730 in funds for backpack supplies and pre-pharmacy students conducted a food drive.


Mr. Sealey, who is currently in pre-physical therapy at Campbell and plans to apply to the physical therapy school next fall, says the program has given him an entirely new insight.


“It truly has been an eye-opening experience seeing the different professionals,” he said. “I think everyone had a general idea of the program they’re interested in, but getting more detail and meeting the staff of Campbell, learning the true mission and what they desire here, truly opens up the experience and shows what they have to offer and draws interest.”


Pharmacy school hopeful Sarah Wood, who is from Spivey’s Corner, agrees with Mr. Sealey and said she has learned about what it takes to be a health care professional and has gained a full understanding.


“I didn’t expect to be involved in so many different activities, so that was a good experience. There were also so many options and experiences to evolve as a health care professional,” she said.