Medical school kicks off graduation week with awards dinner

Campbell Medicine kicked off graduation week 2019 with the annual Awards Dinner on May 7, at the John W. Pope, Jr. Convocation Center. Dr. David Tolentino, president of the North Carolina Osteopathic Medical Association, and Dr. Stephanie Horan (’11 and ’17), Campbell Medicine representative on the Campbell University Alumni Board of Directors, brought words of congratulations to the Class of 2019 before students, faculty and staff received various honors.

“You didn’t get here alone,” said Horan. “And it would not be a Campbell University speech if some didn’t say ‘if you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he didn’t get there on his own. In that same vein, the alumni association is here to support you in your next phase of life and throughout residency.”

“From my experience, the experience of other members of my class, and the Class of 2018 — you are well prepared,” concluded Horan. “Know that as you are going into intern year, Campbell has prepared you well.”

Class President Monica Willson and Student Government Association President Emilie Pinto also brought words of reflection to their fellow classmates.

“From the first time I was introduced to Campbell, I knew there was something special about this institution,” said Pinto. “I knew I would get an amazing education from CUSOM; what I didn’t know was that I would leave with a family…tonight is about celebrating our achievements and our class…each and every one of us has contributed to the legacy the Class of 2019 will leave – the foundation for the classes yet to come – and that is something to be celebrated.”

Student Awards Presented:

  • Distinguished Biomedical Science Award:  Zachary Clark
  • Distinguished Clinical Science Award:  McAuley Fish
  • Distinguished Student of the Region: Zachary Barbara (Lumberton), Erik Usher (Fayetteville), Christine Zhou (Raleigh), Ryan Arias (Harnett), Patrick McCarthy (Salisbury), and Laura Snyder (Goldsboro)
  • Global Health Award: Megan Kauffman
  • Dr. Jerry M. Wallace Award: Andrew Astin and Roshni Delwadia
    Ryan Arias presented with the Dr. William F. Morris Award by Dr. Eric Gish, associate dean for osteopathic manipulative medicine
  • Dr. William F. Morris Award: Ryan Arias
  • Student Research Award: Megan Kauffman
  • Dean’s Award: Emilie Pinto
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Family Medicine: Monica Willson (Lumberton), Victor Long (Fayetteville), Emilie Pinto (Raleigh), Ryan Arias (Harnett), Saylor McCartor (Salisbury), and David Cavaness (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Pediatrics: Zachary Barbara (Lumberton), Megan Kauffman (Fayetteville), Andrew Astin (Raleigh), Kelly Roschen (Harnett), Adeeba Khan (Salisbury), and Alisha Brooke Baggett (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Obstetrics and Gynecology: George Jones (Lumberton), Erik Usher (Fayetteville), Danny Koh (Raleigh), Karl Woodard (Harnett), Patrick McCarthy (Salisbury), and Hannah Carew (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Internal Medicine: Nicholas Campbell (Lumberton), Rachel Newsome (Fayetteville), John Gracely (Raleigh), Kelly Roschen (Harnett), Hannah Procida Winters (Salisbury), Alisha Brooke Baggett (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Surgery: Antony Rawindraraj (Lumberton), Dylan Skinner (Fayetteville), Christine Zhou (Raleigh), Karl Woodard (Harnett), Michael Avery (Salisbury), and Laura Snyder (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Psychiatry: Amanpreet Kaur (Lumberton), Logan Jones (Fayetteville), Zina McSweeney (Raleigh), Michael Holcomb (Harnett), Anna DeFrancesco (Salisbury), and Sree Reddy (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Geriatrics: Christopher Distel (Lumberton), Tyler Iodence (Fayetteville), Jessica Yano (Raleigh), Michael Holcomb (Harnett), Brad Anderson (Salisbury), Ashely Blasi (Goldsboro)
  • Distinguished Clinical Scholars in Emergency Medicine: Zachary Barbara (Lumberton), Dallin Lindstrom (Fayetteville), Joshua Baker (Raleigh), Hamilton Vernon (Harnett), Kelsey Staudinger (Salisbury), and Hannah Carew (Goldsboro)

Faculty and Staff Awards Presented:

  • Preceptor of the Year: Dr. Richard Johnson (Lumberton), Dr. Omar Caban (Fayetteville), Dr. Mathew L. Zerden (Raleigh), Dr. Chris Stewart (Harnett), Dr. Ronnie Barrier (Salisbury) and Dr. Subodh Pal (Goldsboro)
  • Biomedical Faculty Award: Dr. Yen Ping-Kuo
  • Clinical Faculty Award: Dr. Steven Halm
  • Outstanding Staff Award: Jennifer Parrish
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research: Dr. Eldeeb
  • Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence: Dr. Lushia