More than 280 degrees conferred for the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

It was exciting to have in-person graduation for more than 280 College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences students on May 7, in Barker-Lane Stadium. Family and friends of one of the largest groups of students in the history of CPHS gathered in the bleachers while the soon-to-be graduates took their seats on the field. The event was broadcast via livestream for loved ones who could not attend and can the recording can be watched using the same link.

“I am very happy that each one of you is here with us today, and particularly happy to be having this ceremony in person,” said CPHS Dean, Michael L. Adams (’96 PharmD, PhD), who welcomed everyone to the ceremony. “I know you all are extremely excited and happy about the rewarding career ahead of you where you will use your exemplary academic and professional skills to lead purposeful lives of meaning service.”

University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mark L. Hammond, presented the candidates for graduation to University President Dr. J. Bradley Creed, who conferred the degrees upon the students with “all rights, privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto.”

The graduation address was given by Dr. Reginal D. Harris. He is the founder, managing member, and senior legal consultant of InfoSource Communications, LLC.  He outlined “wisdom keys” for the students to remember throughout their careers:

  • Always be willing to do the thing that doesn’t directly benefit you but will earn you unanticipated favor
  • People who don’t demand the best of you only like you, but people who demand the best from you and require you to perform at your best love you
  • People only have the power over your life that you freely give
  • Don’t be consumed by what happened in the past
  • The most powerful place you can ever be in life is underestimated
  • Don’t waste time trying to dispel others opinions or fallacies about you
  • Become a student of your chosen profession 
  • Don’t allow the growth of your success to change who you are
  • Paraphrased from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  – When doing your job you should do it so well that the living, the dead or the unborn cannot do it any better

He concluded, “You all have earned these degrees. You have earned your place in history at Campbell University. As you go forth to live out the mission and the creed of this University, remember you are worthy, you are enough, rise above!”