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The growing field of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, biomedical and clinical research and other human-health fields is a world where treatments, new medicines and understandings about health care are in continuous demand.

It’s the end of your undergraduate career, a time when students traditionally declare a decision to do a post-graduate program or apply for a doctoral opportunity. But could you find a single major dedicated to both of those?

Set within Campbell University’s Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine, the Master of Biomedical Sciences Program (MSBS) is a two-year graduate degree program designed for applicants to understand the level of commitment it takes to succeed in a professional program.

“Many professional schools encourage applicants to take additional undergraduate coursework beyond the required basics to better prepare them for the medical field,” said Joy Henderson, director of postbaccalaureate studies programs. “Campbell’s MSBS program provides the experiences and coursework that help develop strong candidates for admission to these schools. We’re excited to connect this program with health professionals in our community and create opportunities for our students to learn as much as possible about their future careers.”


In addition to completing a robust slate of academic coursework, scholars in the program experience skills clinics, mock interviews and mentorship with local health professionals.

Dafe Jessa Campbell Medicine
Dafe Jessa, second-year MSBS student

“Our MSBS students take courses similar to the first year of medical school,” Ms. Henderson said. “If a student is having trouble understanding something from the class, they feel welcome to reach out to DO students for help,” giving MSBS students early exposure to Campbell’s doctor of osteopathic medicine program.

“With the small class sizes, you can be sure that your name is known. We embrace our family atmosphere, providing resources and accountability, and ensure that the curriculum exceeds requirements for most health professions programs,” said Ms. Henderson.

Dafe Jessa, a second-year MSBS student, describes the rigorous curriculum, “It has not only given me confidence but also has gifted me the ability to focus and manage my time wisely.”


Carissa Sedlacek Campbell Medicine
“I didn’t understand the need in rural areas until coming to Campbell”

Carissa Sedlacek, a second-year student in the MSBS program and soon-to-be first-year medical student, attended a mission trip to Guatemala. MSBS students have the opportunity to experience hands-on caregiving on medical missions. For Sedlacek, this was a unique and rewarding opportunity, especially when she encountered an entire community that lived in a garbage dump.

“Many people actually live and work within the dump to sort trash. We were there to administer medical care and provide clothing and sunglasses,” Sedlacek said. “The people were so friendly and grateful for our help.”

Not only did Carissa experience the need for healthcare abroad but found the need locally while volunteering at Campbell’s clinical sites.

“I didn’t understand the need in rural areas until coming to Campbell,” she said.

Medical missions and the award-winning student-run Community Care Clinic are a few opportunities students can engage in.

Carissa Sedlacek Campbell Medicine

“One of the most important benefits to me is the mentorship that comes from the faculty,” Jessa said. “They have invested so much time in pushing me to achieve excellence in my studies and outside of the classroom as well.”

“It is an exciting time to be part of Campbell’s MSBS program as it grows exponentially,” said Robert Terreberry, associate dean for biomedical affairs. “To ensure success in and out of the classroom, we are intentional about cultivating a personal connection with each student.”

Health professions majors have a dream that few can obtain. Applying to graduate school is a big step but getting accepted into a professional program is a feat of its own. Whether eager to make your mark in the field of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, biomedical engineering, biomedical research and other human-health fields, Campbell’s Master of Biomedical Science program is here to guide you.

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