State Auditor visits accounting club

image of Campbell Accounting club

On November 8, Campbell’s Accounting Club welcomed State Auditor Beth Wood to campus to speak about the work of the Office of the State Auditor. More than 75 business students attended the event, as Wood, a CPA now in her 3rd term as State Auditor, detailed the types of audits the office performs and the roles of various employees in the office.

Wood also shared the story of her own career path, as she moved from studying to be a dental hygienist to studying accounting. Before being elected to her current position in 2008, she served as a cost accountant, assistant chief financial officer, analyst, and assistant state auditor.

Attendee and Accounting Club President Alexa Kallensten said, “Beth Wood’s story of her career path and journey to State Auditor was truly remarkable. As the first woman in the position of North Carolina State Auditor, she is an inspiration to women in the business field.”

Joel Rundle, a senior who attended the event, added: “Beth Wood did a wonderful job explaining her role in the North Carolina economic system, along with the importance of extremely strong ethical values.”