Paying it forward – A product of the 90’s

Campbell University and the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business aim to inspire students to lead lives of purpose. 

Inspired by this mission statement, students in the School of Business formed a campus chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management, commonly known as SAM, in 1990.

“The club was an embodiment of the intersection of academic and professional skills with purposeful living and meaningful service,” said Dr. Mostashari, former SAM faculty advisor.    

Throughout its decade long existence, the club was led by a group of visionary executive officers, passionate members, and devoted faculty advisors who sought to make a lasting difference in the lives of students and their communities by paying forward their generosity.  

The club commenced by organizing various events such as lecture series, workshops, seminars, dinner socials, concerts, case competitions, and community service projects. Each event aimed to cultivate an attitude of servant leadership and develop team-led engagement and management skills among its members.

SAM added numerous awards, plaques, and trophies to the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business case of fame. A few to include were: SAM Outstanding Faculty Advisor and Student Awards, SAM Large Campus Chapter Performance Awards, and first and second place case competition awards from the annual SAM International Conference.

Three of the club’s most significant accomplishments were raising money for the construction of a student lounge (commonly referred to as the P.O.D.) in the new School of Business building, establishing a Scholarship Fund, and assisting multiple families in providing Christmas goodies. 

Guy Anderson, alumnus of the class of 1992, worked with the Campus Minister and Beacon Rescue Mission to support families in need around the holidays. His idea, with the support of his chapter members, soon ballooned into supporting multiple families with a truckload of food, clothing, toys, and gift certificates.  

Alan Kelly, alumnus of the class of 1990, introduced and spearheaded the annual spring SAM Scramble Golf Tournament and “Pignic”. Supported by business alumni, parents, area merchants, corporate sponsors, and friends, this tournament grew from 4 foursomes and 10 sponsors to 58 foursomes and 210 sponsors in a decade.

SAM also pledged to raise $200,000 in 20 years to construct a student lounge for people to congregate and study. This seemingly ambitious pledge was nobly fulfilled ahead of time, followed by gifts for the construction of the Millennium Mall featuring Purvis Garden and Folwell Memorial Fountain.

The members later voted to rename the student lounge in honor of the founding School of Business Dean, the late Thomas Folwell.

This group’s amazing teamwork and creative and relentless fundraising efforts made possible all the above, leaving behind a legacy that others could carry on, like the Student Body Endowed Scholarship Fund that is approaching $100,000, given to support the education of many deserving business students.

“I take pleasure in saluting the classes of the 1990’s for their leadership and commitment to service. It was an honor to work with them all. They have become ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ legend,” said Dr. Mostashari.