PGA program raises $10,000

Twenty-three Campbell PGA Golf Management students participated in a student-lead, golf marathon in April to raise funds for the new Golf Learning Center, set to open in August in the old Shouse dining hall.

This center will feature space for PGM classes, a new club repair room for students to hone their craft, a Trackman Simulator Bay and a lounge area and televisions for students to gather.

Through one-time donations and the sponsorship of participants in the golf marathon, the program was able to raise close to $10,000.

Kevin Nagy, assistant director and internship coordinator for Campbell’s PGA Golf Management Program, said, “It was great to see all our students come together for this project. Between the players, social media team, and logistics, almost every student on-campus was involved. When the students get involved in fundraising, it allows us to have the best facilities, equipment, and technology available. It is easy to see why students continue to choose to come to Campbell and their desire to keep our program among the best in the nation.”

This particular golf marathon challenged students to play as many holes as possible in a race against the sun. At 7:30 a.m., players teed off for the first time, then continued to play as many holes as they could, as quickly as they could, until 7:30 p.m. Altogether, the participants ended up playing 2,149 holes, making 266 birdies and five eagles.

When the PGM Student Association was asked why they choose this type of fundraiser, they said in a statement, “We wanted to pick an event that represented our program and our mission”, they continued, “We chose to do a golf marathon specifically because it was a way for us to raise money doing what we love, for the program that we all love; playing golf is something we do every day, it’s a large part of our lives, so the opportunity to play golf with the purpose of helping our program was a no brainer.”

By night fall on April 8, the PGM program had raised approximately $10,000 to support the completion of their Golf Learning Center. Since then, a Trackman Simulator System has been installed, and preparations have begun for adding additional putting features. The program hopes to have all final details completed by the start of the upcoming fall semester.

“This event was a great success thanks to all our amazing sponsors,” said Adam Strassner, PGM marathon coordinator and PGMSA board member. “We are so excited for our upcoming PGA Golf Management Learning Center and thanks to everyone’s support we will be able to make this new learning center into something very special. This is an extremely exciting time to be a Camel and I couldn’t be any prouder to be a part of this amazing program and community.”