Pharmacy School hosts health fair

Feeling the effects of the spring allergy and cold season? Worried about high blood pressure, cholesterol levels or your risk for diabetes? Your neighborhood pharmacist may be able to help.A small army of Campbell University School of Pharmacy first-year students were on hand Tuesday, March 28 at the annual Health Fair to answer questions, offer advice and assist with screening.”Many people in the community may not have the opportunity to get regular health checks,” said pharmacy professor Gilbert Steiner. “This gives the opportunity to do so in a convenient way without appointments.”The free event has been held each year by the School of Pharmacy since 1992. Students, staff and members of the community took advantage of blood pressure and BMI analysis, glucose testing, and vision screening services. Pharmacy students were also available to offer advice and information on other issues such as coping with stress or depression, the dangers of tobacco and substance abuse, herbal remedies and allergy and cold care.Professor Steiner says the Health Fair is not only a service to the local community, but also to his students.”It lets our first year Pharmacy students practice some of the skills they’ve learned in the classroom,” he said. “We teach them how to take blood pressure, how to do cholesterol tests and blood glucose tests. Here they get to put those skills to use.”Photo Copy: Campbell pharmacy students offer screening and information to patients at the 2007 spring Health Fair.

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