Physician Assistant Class of 2023 receives long white coats

A joyous celebration was held on July 14 as the Physician Assistant Class of 2023 received their long white coats. The ceremony marks the transition of the student to the professional, and the long white coat is an outward symbol of the educational journey each student has completed. Applause, cheers and tears were prevalent as remarks were given and memories were shared. Ceremony details are found in the program, and you may use this link to view a recording of the ceremony.

PA Program Chair and Director Betty Lynne W. Johnson opened the ceremony with this sentiment, “This is the day to be present in the moment and to fully experience the here and the now. The gift of today is meant for you to embrace. This is the day the Lord hath made. By the power of intention, he has brought you to this day. Through his rich resources he has provided this day for you.”

Associate Dean of Health Sciences Dr. Wesley Rich addressed the students, “This coat represents a noble burden. A weight and responsibility to live out your calling in service to others. This burden compels you to work not just for the health of the patient in your clinic, but towards a better quality of life for your community.”

Each student was called on stage along with a special person in their life who helped the student into their coat. As part of the presentation of the coats, Rev. Louisa Ward, Campus Minister, and Mrs. Johnson, blessed the hands of the students.

To close the ceremony, Wallace Student Society President for the Class of 2023, Aydan Heavner, said, “Each of us has a different story, path or journey that brough us here to Campbell. But no matter what led you here, no matter what path you took, I can say with my entire heart that I’m privileged and honored to have gone through this program on this crazy ride with all of you.

“Before we all go out on our individual journeys, I want to remind us all to go out there and serve our patients fearlessly, to practice medicine with compassion and love, and to trust in the knowledge and skills we were given here at Campbell along the way.”