Pre-pharmacy students earn Moving Forward, Giving Back leadership certificate

Left to right: Camden Thompson, Raegan Koenig, Madison Peterson, Tara Leggett, Claudia Gregory, Kasey Pfaff, and Noah Bates

Students interested in the pharmacy profession are encouraged to participate in our pre-pharmacy concentration during their first two years of undergraduate study. 

Seven such students not only worked through two years of coursework, but also earned the Moving Forward, Giving Back Leadership Certificate. They participated in a series of activities to help clarify their career goals and prepare them for pre- and post-graduation endeavors.

“I firmly believe that leadership skills can be developed, sharpened and improved through practice and appropriate instruction,” said Brenda Blackman, director of Pre-Professional Advisement & Retention. “The Moving Forward Giving Back Leadership Certificate program provides an opportunity for students to be able to enhance their leadership skills through relevant and purposeful activities.   

“The program requirements include structured professional development seminars, career exploration, community and service leaning activities and networking opportunities with their peers, faculty, student pharmacists, pharmacists and other professionals. These experiences assistance in building a strong foundation to prepare students for application to graduate and professional schools as well as their future careers as healthcare professionals.”