Professor Kevin Lee’s latest published essay has ties to SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch

Professor Kevin Lee

RALEIGHIn its newest volume, St. Mary’s Law Journal will include an essay written by Campbell Law Professor Kevin Lee entitled, “The Conceptions of Self-Evidence in the Finnis Reconstruction of Natural Law.”  The essay closely examines the natural law theory of John Finnis, who was the dissertation advisor for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Lee’s article focuses on the conception of self-evident pre-moral goods, which are the foundation of the natural law for Finnis.

The article can be found by accessing the following clickable link:

Professor Lee is a multidimensional legal scholar and teacher with advanced degrees in Christian ethics, religious studies, and philosophy and religion. Professor Lee writes on jurisprudence and ethics. His interests include the ethics of artificial intelligence, legal technology, and philosophy of law. He was the founding chair of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Future of Law Committee and founding organizer of the Raleigh Legal Hackers.


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