Professor Roger Manus presents at AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education

Senior Law Clinic Director Roger Manus

SAN FRANCISCO — Professor Roger Manus gave a presentation at the annual American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Conference on Clinical Legal Education on May 5 .

He led a session on “Using Rappaport’s Rules to Enhance Listening as Practice Skill and Civic Virtue.”

According to the program description, “Listening well is both a practical skill and a civic virtue. In both respects it is essential not only for obtaining information, but also for helping the other person know that they are truly heard. This is helpful in the attorney-client relationship, witness interviewing, collaboration among attorneys, negotiation, and advocacy. Listening well is helpful also in the wider civic sphere in the engagement among people who have very different political views. Among the ways to enhance the listening skill is the approach developed by Anatol Rapoport, a social psychologist and game theorist.”

Professor Manus is currently the director of the law school’s Senior Law Clinic. He has served as past president and public policy co-chair of Friends of Residents in Longterm Care, a statewide grassroots advocacy organization. Other affiliations include consultant to Arc/NC Lifeguardianship Supports and Services (present), consultant to the Governor’s Advocacy Council for Persons with Disabilities (past), and Director of the Domiciliary Home Advocacy Project (past).