Schaffernoth family invests in ‘hands-on’ business instruction

May 2023 marked the establishment of the Schaffernoth Family Student Investment Fund in the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business at Campbell University. The fund was made possible through a $15,000 gift from 1987 business school alumnus Andrew Schaffernoth.

The Student Investment Fund will allow for “hands-on” instruction within the business school in the truest sense.

The funds will be invested by student members of the LFSB Finance Club under the supervision of a faculty member(s) teaching investment management courses in the business school.

The fund will cover costs in addition to the investments themselves, including, but not limited to, any brokerage or investment fees associated with such investments. And the fund may receive contributions from other donors who desire to support the educational purpose of the fund.

“This is real world experience – no doubt about it,” Schaffernoth said. “You can learn about investing [at the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business] and start applying it here. Most people sit there and they talk about investments. You can take people at an early age and help them understand what investing truly is and the importance of investment discipline.”

This is the third Student Investment Fund established within the business school, joining the Burt Family Student Investment Fund used within finance courses, and another within the Trust and Wealth Management major.

Dr. Patrick Larkin is the associate professor of finance within the business school. Larkin will lead the finance club that will be using the Schaffernoth Family Investment Fund.

“Many university finance programs sponsor student investment funds, but the key roles are typically reserved for upperclassmen,” Larkin said. “The Schaffernoth Student Investment Fund will give Campbell finance majors the opportunity to actively participate in the investment decision-making process from the day that they arrive on campus.”

The initiative was also spearheaded by Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Dean Kevin O’Mara.

“A hallmark of the Campbell Business student experience is hands-on, engaged learning,” O’Mara said. “There is ample evidence and research showing that active learning is the best type of learning resulting in a deeper retention of the material. It is difficult to think of a more hands-on approach to learning financial investment concepts than to invest real money.  The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business is very fortunate to have generous and involved alumni such as Andrew Schaffernoth, who supports our efforts for a truly engaging student experience.”

Schaffernoth, Principal Client Portfolio Manager for Alta Capital Management located out of Richmond, Virginia, said the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business “has done a lot for [him] personally” and saw the gift as an opportunity to give back.

Schaffernoth serves on the advisory board for the business school and firmly believes in the direction the school and university is heading.

“The school continues to grow. That’s the big thing,” he said. “What Dean O’Mara and all the other professors are doing and bringing forward to attract students – I think it’s phenomenal. Campbell as an organization continues to bring lasting professional level degree curriculum, whether it’s in engineering, nursing, pharmacy – you’ve got very qualified, capable and respected professors. A lot of great things are coming together and I think that’s exciting.”

Visit here to make a gift to the Schaffernoth Family Student Investment Fund.