School of Education collaborates with Harnett County Schools to train future teachers

Harnett County Schools kicked off a partnership with the Campbell University School of Education in late May with the first Growing Greatness Signing Day.  

Growing Greatness is an initiative to recruit and train Harnett County graduates and student teachers to become educators within the district.  This first cohort consists of nine graduating seniors from Harnett County high schools who plan to pursue a degree in education beginning in fall 2021, along with 16 current education majors at Campbell.

The students will work together with Harnett County Schools recruitment and retention staff in order to build relationships, grow professionally as future teachers and get an in-depth view of what it’s like to be an educator in the Harnett County School System.

“The Growing Greatness Initiative was born in an effort to continue the work that Harnett County Schools deems as one of the most important jobs we have- getting qualified teachers in every class, every day,” said Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Monica Thompson. “We are so excited about this program and so excited to welcome these future teachers to the most noble profession — teaching.”