Student organizations endow DO student scholarship

SGA board members

The School of Osteopathic Medicine’s Student Government Association (SGA) led seven student organizations in pooling their funds together to endow a new scholarship.

The Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA), family medicine, global health, internal medicine, pathology, pediatrics and PM&R student organizations answered SGA’s call to reallocate funds normally used for travel to national conferences and other club events not possible due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Akhil Adla, 2020 SGA Vice President said many student organizations at the medical school have been very successful with fundraising and were in a position to join SGA in creating a new scholarship.

“As the cost of medical education increases and the need for physicians persists, we felt lead to be good stewards of these funds and provide financial relief to students who demonstrate leadership through community service and academic achievement.”

“The cost of medical education is a barrier for many in pursuing their dreams,  hence, cost of attendance becomes a source of physician shortage. It is was our job as SGA to be the student voice and be prudent with the shared resources,” Student Doctor Adla elaborated.

“We felt the scholarship would be a productive way to bring attention to a pressing issue while providing a small solution. We wanted to inspire while bringing attention to the rising costs of medical education to potential donors and other clubs by putting all of our resources to productive use.” 

“Over the past year, the pandemic has forced undue financial burdens upon many students,” shared Ying Ku, 2020 SGA President. “Despite the odds, our students have excelled considerably through community services and advocacy efforts. This scholarship is a collective effort of SGA and Club leadership which signifies collaboration and student empowerment. We aim to encourage student-lead initiatives, and we believe acknowledging those who have gone above and beyond is a feat worthy of endorsement.”

The SGA leaders emphasized it is their wish for future graduates and donors to continue to build the endowed scholarship and to increase the number of scholarships available to students.

“The scholarship was also a memory of what we went through as a student body in the pandemic and what we can achieve when we all come together,” concluded SD Adla.  “Special thanks to SGA treasurer Yanal Maher and SOMA President Wes Henderson for their shared dedication to making the endowment a reality.”

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