Student scholarship featured at inaugural Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium

Buies Creek, N.C.—Did you know that the concentration of the pollutant nitrogen dioxide is higher in theBuies Creek area during the week than on the weekends?Have you ever considered the socio-cultural climate in which the Religious Right developed during the ascendance of the new American Right? Student presentations at the inaugural Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium will address these and many other topics on Tuesday, April 26, in Campbell University’s Wiggins MemorialLibrary.

The symposium provides an opportunity for students from various academic fields to present their research on a number of compelling subjects, said Sarah Steele, head of Research and Instruction Services at Wiggins Memorial Library and one of the coordinators of the event. A total of 22 students, who have been nominated by their professors, will present throughout the day in the library.

“Wiggins Library has become a significant location on campus for research and collaboration among our students,” said Borree Kwok, Dean of the Library. “By highlighting some of the students’ outstanding work, we hope that the symposium will help promote intellectual exchange and offer an opportunity for enlightenment and inspiration.  This symposium will also serve as an expression of the pride that the Campbell community takes in our students’ achievements.”
A detailed schedule for the symposium can be accessed at