Summer Economic Education Institute found effective for K-12 teachers

The Business School’s 2nd annual Summer Economic Education Institute wrapped up earlier this month after a week of intense economics and pedagogy training.  Twenty-five educators from 16 counties left Raleigh campus with an improved understanding of how to translate economics content into accessible lessons for their students. The program’s topics included microeconomics, macroeconomics and international economics, and instructors utilized field-tested lesson plans that can be easily applied in the classroom.  

A pre- and post-workshop test was administered to evaluate the quality of the five-day program. Impressively, the class’ initial test average of 66 percent improved to an 87 percent by the end of the week, with two students earning full marks.

The response to the program were overwhelmingly positive, with many students commenting on the high quality of the instruction and the hospitality that Campbell showed during the week. Testimonials from a few participants read:

“One of the best sessions I have ever attended in my 14 years as a teacher.”

“Hate to see this week end, I will definitely be coming back.”

“I am most thankful for the opportunity to attend this course.”

As North Carolina teachers face new requirements to teach economics in their classrooms, the Business School will continue to support their development, hoping to reach even more educators across the state next year.