Team gathers to kick off Harnett County Loyalty Campaign

Campbell’s Marshbanks Dining Hall was the scene of the kickoff rally for the university’s annual Harnett County Loyalty fundraising campaign on Monday, March 13. President Jerry M. Wallace explained Campbell’s recent expansion and what the future holds for the university. Lee Anne Nance, director of Harnett County’s Economic Development Commission, translated Wallace’s message into dollars and cents. “Campbell University is one of the largest employers in Harnett County, providing 700 full-time jobs; 350 part-time jobs, and employing 650 students,” Nance said. “The university not only enriches us economically, but culturally.” Nance went on to explain that Campbell’s payroll pumps a record $36 million into the Harnett County economy. The university has spent $43.5 million in construction projects in the past six years. “This has not only been a source of job opportunities for Harnett County citizens, but has improved the county’s economic welfare as well,” said Nance. Nance also pointed out that another $43 million in construction spending is also planned. Part of that money will go toward the construction of the John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center, a $30 million sports and cultural complex that will anchor the Campbell campus at the intersection of Leslie Campbell Avenue and Main Street. Wallace described the center, which should break ground this fall, as tremendous evidence of God’s blessing. “It is the most unanimous need in terms of students, alumni and citizens of the county at this time,” said Wallace. “It will be the largest facility of its kind between Raleigh and Wilmington.” Wallace added that a total of $23 million has been raised to build the center. The university needs another $4 million to begin construction. One way in which Campbell benefits Harnett County is hard to quantify and that is the spiritual and intellectual enrichment it provides, Nance said. “There are Campbell Divinity students leading many of the youth groups in our county and Campbell offers us a workforce with students from its schools of Education, Pharmacy, Law, Business and Arts and Sciences. “An undergraduate degree from Campbell or any other university can also multiply an individual’s earning capacity by $1 million,” Nance added, “and dollars spent by the 4,200 students enrolled on campus boost our economy and bring business opportunities to our citizens.” Patrice Thompson is president of the Harnett County Loyalty Campaign, Wiley Pope is First Vice President and Jeffrey Surles is Second Vice President. Six teams of Harnett County citizens will raise money for Campbell’s Annual Fund. Contributions may also be designated to scholarship funds, building projects or other projects. Past contributions have helped accomplish many of the goals in Phase I of the Campus Master Plan, including the proposed John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center; the new Chick-fil-A restaurant; the Purvis Garden and Folwell Fountain project; a new pharmacy teaching facility; new food courts in Marshbanks and Shouse Dining Halls and the Wallace Student Center.Photo Copy: Lee Anne Nance, director of the Harnett County Economic Development Commission, speaks at the kickoff luncheon for Campbell University’s Harnett County Loyalty Campaign.

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