Textbook rental program launching this fall

Main campus undergraduate students will have the opportunity to save money on textbook costs with the launch of the Camel Direct Textbook Program this fall.

Students will be automatically enrolled in the program at a flat-rate fee of $375 per semester for full-time students. The fee for part-time students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours is $187.50. The fees will be billed to student accounts.

The rental program, which provides all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and electronic book versions before the first day of class, will save students an estimated $500-$1,500 per semester.

“Campbell is delighted to partner with Barnes & Noble for the Camel Direct Textbook Program,” said Mark Hammond, vice president for academic affairs & provost. “Access to educational materials like textbooks is an essential component of student learning and success, and having an affordable option through the new program will enhance the classroom experience and foster student success.”

Students are required to return items issued through the program to the University bookstore during finals week. Those who wish to keep their textbooks will have the option to purchase at a reduced rate during the return period.

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