Truist Business Scholars field trip ‘a journey of education, culture, leadership’

GREENSBORO — The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business  took a group of second-year Truist Business Scholars to experience the annual trip to Greensboro in February. This enriching journey offered students a multifaceted experience encompassing education, culture and community.

During their time in Greensboro, the students delved into the rich history of the Civil Rights Movement with a visit to the International Civil Rights Center. Immersed in the narratives and legacies of pivotal moments in history, the scholars gained profound insights into social justice and equality.

One of the primary benefits of the Scholars program is the relationships that students get to build. As part of the trip, the scholars enjoyed an evening of bowling and dinner at the Bourbon Bowl where they networked with some alumni, fostering meaningful connections.

Cultural enrichment continued as the scholars attended a performance of the Tony Award-winning musical, Hadestown. This was the first live musical performance that some of the students had experienced, “Hadestown was an amazing production that helped me experience talent and art while in Greensboro. This play helped me view the world in a broader light and helped reignite part of my creativity,” said Business Scholar Janjay Gardea.

The pinnacle of the trip was the participation in the Truist Emerging Leadership program. The scholars had the opportunity to visit the Truist Leadership Institute to participate in the Emerging Leaders Certification, where they learned about their leadership style, values, communication preferences and blind spots.

“I was extremely proud of the way in which our Business Scholars were highly engaged in discussions throughout the Truist Emerging Leadership training,” said Dr. Dave Baglia, program director.

The Truist Emerging Leaders Certification focuses on the self-awareness necessary to lead others more effectively, and students felt inspired after identifying their Leadership Purpose and understanding how they can better work with and support one another with their unique strengths and values.

“Working alongside my friends in a professional environment was extremely rewarding. It provided me the space to authentically express myself because of those I was around, while gaining valuable insights into real-world dynamics and leadership in the workplace.” Said Business Scholar, Sydney McLeod. “The shared dedication of work ethic and drive among my peers fostered a supportive atmosphere, further driving us all towards achieving our goals. The support from our superiors during this conference was the real icing on the cake as we continue to grow in our knowledge and leadership skills.”

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business extends its gratitude to Truist for its ongoing support and partnership in empowering the next generation of business leaders.