University launches $20K Campbell Promise Scholarship

Campbell University has launched a new scholarship to make college more affordable for high school seniors, a move to ease the burden placed on families by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Campbell Promise Scholarship will provide all incoming undergraduate students attending the University’s main campus full time with a guaranteed $20,000 scholarship $18,000 toward tuition and $2,000 toward on-campus room and board. 

“The University’s mission to educate students for purposeful lives and meaningful service is more important now than ever,” Britt Davis, vice president for advancement & admissions, said. “We are committed to providing students with a safe and welcoming place to continue their education and discover opportunities for servant leadership.” 

“We know families are facing difficult circumstances right now as they navigate this new normal,” Davis said. “Our admissions team is here to help students as they continue to dream about the future.

“A Campbell education is an investment in a brighter future and we want to make that available to as many students as possible.” 

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