Victor Appau named medical student rep to NC American College of Physicians

GREENSBORO, North Carolina – Third year medical student, Victor Appau, was named Student Representative to the North Carolina America College of Physicians President’s Advisory Council at the state meeting in Greensboro.

The North Carolina chapter of the American College of Physicians (NC ACP) is the state chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) which is the national internal medicine specialty organization. Appau was nominated and approved as the student representative to the president’s advisory council at the North Carolina chapter meeting in February. As the new student representative, Appau will be working together with students from all five of the state’s medical schools to engender interest and participation in the NC-ACP.  He will act as liaison between students and NCACP leadership to communicate and advise the council regarding any specific concerns and interests of medical students in North Carolina.

“I am thrilled, but not surprised that Victor was chosen for this position,” said Dr. Chris Stewart, associate professor of internal medicine. “He has been an outstanding student, and he will be a strong advocate, not only for our medical school, but also for the profession of internal medicine.”

In addition to Appau’s involvement, several Campbell medical students interested in internal medicine attended the meeting, and three MS-III’s were invited to present research posters.  Laurne Baumgardener and Mike Firtha were invited to present “An uncommonly diagnosed predisposition to DVT”; a clinical case presentation on a patient who was diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome while Baumgardener and Firtha were on oby/gyn rotation, and Brianna Knott presented a clinical vignette on Vascular Ehlers Danlos for her poster entitled “Vascular EDS: An Unexpected Cause of Flank Pain in a 38 year old Woman”.

“While we are still a young medical school, our students are already involved in the medical profession on a state and national level,” said Mattie Bendall, executive director of student affairs.  “We are Campbell proud of their pursuit of excellence inside and outside of the classroom.”